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AI-Driven Human Outreach for LinkedIn

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Craft Quick, Professional, and Personalized messages for leads at every stage of engagement

Humanized Salee Outreach

  • Connections: 75 Accepted Invitations per week

    With personalized Salee invitations, achieve a 50% Acceptance Rate

  • Follow-up: 20 out of 50 leads responded

    Salee's personalized follow-ups achieve a 40% Reply Rate

  • Objection Handling: 20 seconds to compose a response

    Salee automatically analyzes the conversation context and provides different human-like response options

  • e commerce

    Convertion: 200 booked appointments per month

    The more leads that respond, the higher the probability of closing a potential deal


Basic automated Outreach

  • Connection: 20 Accepted Invitations per week

    Automated unpersonalized invitations have a 20% Acceptance Rate

  • Follow-up: 4 out of 20 leads responded

    Automated unpersonalized follow-ups have a 20% Reply Rate

  • Objection Handling: 5 minutes to compose a response

    It takes time for sales reps to read responses, analyze profiles, and craft engaging, grammatically correct replies

  • e commerce

    Convertion: 2 booked appointments per month

    These steps decrease the probability of closing a potential deal

  • Connection: 50% acceptance rate, 250 accepted invitations per month

Craft personalized, engaging invitations with one click

Safely analyze your lead's LinkedIn profile and company, crafting invites that are highly likely to be accepted

  • Follow-up: 40% Reply Rate, 100 leads responded per month

Craft custom personalized follow-ups in seconds

Salee helps you create follow-ups in seconds that fit the real conversation context

  • Objection Handling: 20 seconds to compose a response

Handle objections in seconds 

Salee analyzes the conversation context, helping you to reveal objections and handle them by focusing on value for your client

Explore our other features

  • Text Humanizer

    Forget unpersonalized templates and robotic messages. Use Salee Humanizer to review and humanize any AI message with one click, building real relationships.

  • Engage with leads' posts

    Leave personalized comments with one click to capture their attention.

  • Different AI models for various audiences

    Develop AI models with different offerings and Ideal Customer Profiles, and switch between them without leaving LinkedIn

  • Get insights on a lead's profile with one click

    Ask AI about the lead's challenges, pains, and goals based on their profile

  • Custom Integrations

    Large companies can order full data outreach analysis integrated with their CRM solutions.

Easy way to get started

1. Input your offering
2. Choose outreach methodology
3. Select your potential lead
4. Generate AI message

The only personalized outreach tool for lead engagement and securing demos.

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Over 4,000 users have collectively reclaimed 22,000+ hours and improved their positive reply rates by 80%, thanks to our AI-powered personalization.

Salee blew my mind! It crafts replies and invitations with a depth that's beyond what I could pull off during the daily grind. Connecting on LinkedIn has never been smoother.

This LinkedIn tool's AI boosts reply rates with authentic, personalized messaging. It stands out by saving time and feeling human. Highly recommend!

Salee has seriously upped our sales game. We're shaving hours off lead qualification and our inbox is buzzing with a 25% higher response rate

Since hooking up with Salee, our outbound messages hit different. Personalization that used to take us days now gets wrapped up in hours, and our closing rates are through the roof.

  • Illustration

    Michael Lee

    Head of Sales at Apex Dynamics

With Salee, our client interactions are miles ahead of where they were last quarter. We're seeing a solid 40% uptick in engagement and our sales cycle has tightened up like never before.

  • Illustration

    Emily Kim

    Senior Sales Representative at LuminateX

Implementing Salee was a no-brainer once we saw the numbers - our conversion rates jumped by 30%. Leads are responding like we're reading their minds.

  • Illustration

    John Smith

    Sales Representative at AquaSphere

Our sales efficiency isn't just up; it's doubled thanks to Salee. We're hitting targets left and right, and that's a win in any sales playbook.

  • Illustration

    David Chen

    Sales Director at Zenith Industries

Personalized AI for Real Sales Power

Learn from leading brands that mixing AI and personal touches gets more sales.

300% Revenue Boost

Starbucks achieved up to a 300% increase in net incremental revenue, showcasing the potent impact of AI-driven personalization in marketing strategies.

HBR Data Harvard Business Review

Acquisition Costs Slashed by 50%

personalized approach can halve customer acquisition costs while also lifting revenues and marketing ROI, confirming the financial benefit of tailored marketing initiatives.

McKinsey Analysis

100% Incremental Revenue Growth

personalization efforts can result in anywhere from a 40% to 100% increase in net incremental revenue, demonstrating the profitability of personalization.

Harvard Business Review

40% Personalization Revenue Advantage

Companies with faster growth rates are deriving 40% more of their revenue from personalization compared to their slower-growing peers, emphasizing the direct revenue benefits of personalized approaches.

McKinsey Report

32.7% Response Uplift

Outreach Study Research by Backlinko found tailored messages to greatly enhance engagement, with a notable 32.7% improvement in response rates, emphasizing the value of personalization in messaging.

Study Research by Backlinko

Open and Click-Through Rates Soar

personalized promotional mailings see a 29% higher open rate and a 41% higher click-through rate than their generic counterparts, underlining the effectiveness of customization.

Experian Study

80% More Likely to Purchase

80% of consumers are more likely to complete a purchase with a company that offers personalized experiences, highlighting the demand for customization in the consumer journey.

Epsilon Survey

40% Personalization Revenue Advantage

Companies with faster growth rates are deriving 40% more of their revenue from personalization compared to their slower-growing peers, emphasizing the direct revenue benefits of personalized approaches.

McKinsey Report

Cut the Hassle, Boost your Sales

Salee's AI keeps things simple, so you're free to grow your profits.