[Saleeletter #1] What's your story?

[Saleeletter #1] What's your story?

Greetings, Saleezen.​

Here is the first edition of our newsletter about LinkedIn, Salee, and modern outreach insights. Yay!

But before you'll dive deeper, let me tell you my story.

Before Salee, I had just a few months of cold calls experience.​Well, yes, it was B2B. Yes, I established a full-cycle sales process with various SMB companies. Yes, I learned how to deal with objections.​

But when I started selling in LinkedIn, I realized that it's way different here.

It took me a whole week of hard work just to book my first demo...

That was a really cold February back then, haha.

But I knew that all it takes is practice. Persistence is the key.

It wasn't easy both for me and one more SDR who joined the Salee team at the same time.

But also it wasn't as difficult as it might seem to be.

Because we had help. We were mentored by our CPO, and obviously we had Salee! It actually told us a lot about common outreach practices.

And man, look what we managed to achieve during our next month:

It was just a matter of time before I started booking 3-4 demos per week just from one account.

We all understand that LI outreach is not as scalable as emails, but it gives just enough. I was able to use 3 LI accounts, which were giving me ~10 demos weekly.​

That's about 2 sales calls each day.

​Is it enough? Well, it's up to you. It would be your story. ;)

Go write it, mate. It's gonna be beautiful.​

And we'll do our best to help you with that.​