Maximizing Networking Opportunities with Salee AI at the AI Tech Summit in Malaga

Maximizing Networking Opportunities with Salee AI at the AI Tech Summit in Malaga

Last week at the AI Tech Summit in Malaga, we unveiled a powerful approach to networking that not only captured the interest of attendees but also demonstrated the prowess of modern AI technology in real-time engagement. Here’s how we made a lasting impression and why you might want to consider a similar strategy for your next event.

🚀 Creating Pre-Event Excitement

Before the summit began, we leveraged the power of anticipation by posting about our upcoming participation on our LinkedIn page. This initial step was crucial as it served as the gateway for our audience to engage and plan to connect with us at the event.


📲 Seamless Engagement at Our Booth

At our booth, we strategically placed a QR code that linked to our LinkedIn post. This simple yet effective tool allowed visitors to access our news with a quick scan, directly engaging with our content. This action increased visibility within their networks and immediately boosted our post's engagement.


😲 Instant Personalization Magic

The real game-changer was our use of Salee’s AI capabilities at the moment of engagement. As visitors liked our LinkedIn post, I could instantly view their profiles and send hyper-personalized invitations to connect. This not only created a 'wow' effect but also fostered instant connections. Observing this process in action, attendees were genuinely impressed by the speed and personalization afforded by Salee.

📈 Follow-Up with Precision

Post-event, the power of Salee continued to shine. We sent out personalized messages with special offers specifically crafted for summit attendees. This follow-up ensured that the connections made were not only remembered but also deepened, leading to potential client conversions.

🌟 Why This Matters

Using Salee at the AI Tech Summit in Malaga wasn't just about showing off tech; it was about creating meaningful, lasting connections efficiently. The ability to automate yet personalize communication is critical in today's fast-paced business environment, especially at large gatherings where every interaction counts.

👉 Your Next Conference

As you plan your next conference attendance, think about how technology like Salee can transform your approach. From generating pre-event buzz to facilitating real-time engagement and follow-up, AI tools can significantly amplify your networking success.

Want to see how Salee can help you achieve similar results? Drop us a message or leave a comment below! 🚀