Introducing Salee v.2.19 - Smarter, More Flexible LinkedIn Management

Introducing Salee v.2.19 - Smarter, More Flexible LinkedIn Management

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Salee Chrome Extension v.2.19, a significant upgrade designed with your feedback and evolving needs in mind. In our continuous quest to refine and enhance your LinkedIn prospecting experience, we've introduced groundbreaking changes that redefine how you manage LinkedIn outreach within your teams.

Pay Only for What You Use: Understanding the diverse roles within a sales team, we've decoupled user accounts from LinkedIn accounts in our billing model. Now, you only pay for the LinkedIn accounts you manage through Salee, ensuring that team leaders and non-outreach personnel aren't unnecessarily billed.

Empower Your SDRs: Salee v.2.19 introduces the flexibility for Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts seamlessly. This update caters to the dynamic needs of SDRs who support various accounts, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in your outreach strategies.

How It Works: Dive into the details of managing multiple LinkedIn accounts, understanding the new billing structure, and making the most out of your Salee experience in our updated Help section.

Upgrade to Salee v.2.19 today and experience a more flexible, cost-effective way to enhance your LinkedIn prospecting.

Your feedback is our compass—thank you for helping us make Salee better for you.