Follow This Instruction and Get 5 Demos Per Week for $25

Follow This Instruction and Get 5 Demos Per Week for $25

LinkedIn is the largest professional network. It is the best source for getting leads of decision-makers, with:

• 1.5 billion profiles
• 774 million active monthly users
• 65 million decision-makers
• 11% growth over the past two years

This source worked as well with automation tools. However, LinkedIn has implemented verification processes using passports and facial recognition. This means that thousands of fake profiles used for lead generation will be blocked forever.

There is also a big risk for real personal profiles to be blocked if they use automation tools for sending invitations and follow-ups with templates.

The era of fake profile LinkedIn lead generation factories is coming to an end. 
Many companies have reported that LinkedIn blocks their profiles in bulk.

Safe and Effective LinkedIn Outreach with Salee
We offer you a solution that makes demos and meetings without risking your personal profile. Here, we share the experience of Salee’s users:

1) Preparation 

⏱️ Up to 10 minutes (once)

Create your specific AI model by providing a URL to your website page where your services are described.

• Alternatively, you can provide your LinkedIn profile or manually input information about your service.

• When you create your personal AI model, Salee can enhance your profile to build trust with your audience.

2) Send not less 20 Personal Invitations Per Day

⏱️ Up to 10 minutes per day / 1 hour per week

• Go to LinkedIn People Search and add your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) parameters.

• For crafting human-to-human personalized invitations, use Salee AI Connect

3) Send Thank You Messages to All New Network Members

⏱️ Up to 12 minutes per day / 1 hour per week

• Visit LinkedIn Connections.

• Use Salee Welcome message to create humanised personal Thank you message 

4) Follow Up with All Leads at Least 6 Times

⏱️ Up to 20 minutes per day / 1.5 hours per week

• Remember, a single message can have a reply rate of 8%, while the sixth message can see more than 60%.

• Do follow-ups once every 3 working days for each lead via LinkedIn Messaging.

• Use Salee Follow ups for creating its in seconds


By investing 4 hours per week and $25, you can follow these instructions to secure 5 demos per week. This method is your own goldmine without the risks.

Transform your LinkedIn strategy with Salee AI and watch your demos and meetings skyrocket! 🚀